Location: Norwich Thorpe
1st July 2016

Bug Hunting

Bug Hunting Photo-1
Bug Hunting Photo-2
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Bug Hunting Photo-6

Pre-School Little Explorers

Pre-School have been having a great time in there new Garden Detectives hut. This has been designed for children to assess their own risks and to be the detectives of the nursery!

The children have been carrying out risk assessments and been walking around with their magnifying glasses finding lots of bugs. 

"I have to check the garden so we don't get hurt" Said Joshua as he used the risk assessments chart.

The children have really got involved and enjoys hiding out in the detectors hut, pretending they are on secret mission to make the Preschool garden hazard free! 

As well as being safety free the children are really interested in the world around them, keeping an eye out for wildlife they see/find. They then look in their fact books to find out more details. 

They are very busy in Preschool! Why not come have a little look!!