Location: Bristol - Portishead
22nd February 2017

Bugs galore!!!

Bugs galore!!! Photo-1
Bugs galore!!! Photo-2
Bugs galore!!! Photo-3
Bugs galore!!! Photo-4
Bugs galore!!! Photo-5

We have been finding out and extending our knowledge on bugs and insects this last week in preschool.

As part of the pre school planning for the children, we have chosen to base their activities around bugs and insects based on the childrens interests. We have been exploring different facts about bugs and insects and discovering where in the world bugs live.

We have enjoyed playing in the tuff spots with different sensory materials like; sand, grass and sticks. Together the children placed the bugs/ insects into the different areas to give them a home. We helped our carers to make play dough to mould it into our own bugs and insects using laminated bug sheets. We made hungry caterpillars by using our hands and paint and decorated them with tissue paper and eye stickers.