Location: Telford
16th August 2016

Burton Biscuits Baking Competition

Busy Bees are introducing an exciting biscuit competition in conjunction with biscuit connoisseur's Burton's Biscuits.We are looking for parents, staff and children to create a healthy savoury or sweet cookie, biscuit or shortbread. The biscuits will be judged by the Nursery Chef and Manager for the first round and should contain reduced sugar where possible and be easy enough to make for large numbers. Two entries will be entered into the next stage of the competition and will need to be selected by the 31st of August. If you would like more information or details then speak to the Nursery Manager or Chef. Round Two will be judged by the Regional Directors and Managers and winners from this round will be selected by the 26th of September.

The Final will be in October and the winning biscuit will be added to the Busy Bees Menu and to the Burton Biscuits Portfolio. We look forward to tasting your creations!