Location: Corby
8th December 2016

Buster in the ball pool

Buster in the ball pool  Photo-1
Buster in the ball pool  Photo-2
Buster in the ball pool  Photo-3

Yesterday the children decided to create a ball pool in the room, the children had lots of fun using their physical movements to throw and catch the balls, the children were very good at tidying all the balls up after they had finished playing. 

In the night Buster decided to enjoy the same activity with his friends like the children had in the day, he had lots of fun throwing the balls out of the tray but he did not try very hard at tidying them away when he finished. He also got a little bit to excited and lay all the chairs down from the table. 

The children this morning have been discussing health and safety and what could happen if the toys are left on the floor and chairs are not under the table correctly. Buster has also listened so lets hope tomorrow he leaves the room tidy. 

Make sure you check back and see what he has been up to!