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Location: Norwich Airport
19th April 2018

Busy Bees at Work

This week Babies have been playing and exploring in their environment by mark making with paint. This gave them a fantastic opportunity to experiment with a range of media, through sensory exploration.

Toddlers have been busy learning the importance of sharing and turn taking through singing activities. The children were given the freedom to choose a musical instrument, take part in a group singing activity then encouraged to share with their friends.

The 2-3 room took full advantage of the sunny weather by taking part in a bug hunt. The children carefully explored each nook and cranny of our bug hotel using their magnifying glasses. This allowed the children the opportunity to understand more about the world around them and to investigate their findings.

Our preschool room have all joined in with with a balancing activity. The children were given direction to make their way around a small obstacle course where they had to balance on one leg for 10 second then walk around on a small line before crawling through the tunnel. This gave the children a fantastic opportunity to use gross motors skills whilst learning how to follow instructions and develop counting skills.