Location: Tunbridge Wells
30th June 2017

Busy With Science

Busy With Science Photo-1
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Busy With Science Photo-3
Busy With Science Photo-4

Within our 2-3's room we've been very busy creating a science area for the children, where they are able to explore safely experiments for themselves, and find out new and exciting things about the world around them! Not only this we have also been taking these experiments on the go, with children doing them whenever they want to!

Outside: The children have been creating thick oozy mud within our mud kitchen. They've been making mud pies and even mud shakes! Not only that, we've been using a colander to see whether thick mud would be able to strain through it!

Inside: We've been exploring a variety of different bugs ranging from spiders, butterflies and even ants! After discussing these bugs with the grown ups in the room we took it upon ourselves to create our own bugs.