Location: Stevenage - Great Ashby
15th July 2016

Butterflies Graduation Ceremony

Butterflies Graduation Ceremony Photo-1
Butterflies Graduation Ceremony Photo-2
Butterflies Graduation Ceremony Photo-3

Parents of all the children in our Butterfly room were invited to watch their children graduate from Busy Bees pre-school. The children wore mortar hats made from black card, they held hands and walked in two by two to the song "never forget" by Take That, hugged each other and took their places, they sang "twinkle, twinkle I'm a star" and staff read a poem about leaving and moving on. Manager Sarah Wymer presented all children with a certificate and read out what they will be remembered for and parents all applauded their achievements and performance. Beverly child was given a balloon and after a countdown they all released them into the air. After the ceremony children had photos taken with their key person and enjoyed a party tea with their family members.