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Location: Birmingham - St. James Road
20th April 2018

Butterflies Hatch at Nursery

Butterflies Hatch at Nursery Photo-1
Butterflies Hatch at Nursery Photo-2
Butterflies Hatch at Nursery Photo-3

Over the last few weeks the children at the edgbaston nursery have been watching and caring for our caterpillars.  The arrived at nursery as very small caterpillars and the children had to separate them and give them each their own food, they then had to check them everyday and make sure that they were eating and getting bigger.  Then one day the children noticed that they had started to hand from the top of their pots and turn into chrysalises.  When this had happened the children transferred them into the nets and waited patiently for them to come out again.  After a few days we had lots of lovely butterflies in our nets and the children were able to hold them and feed them some fruit and sugar water.  Finally then the children released the butterflies in the garden.