Location: Ayr
11th August 2016

Bye Bye School Leavers!!

We have been saying lots of sad farewells recently to all our children who are due to start Primary School next week. The summer holidays have just flown past ! It is a sad but exciting time for us as the children leave to start a new chapter in their lives.

Some of the children have been with us from babies and now we see happy confident children who are more than ready for school.. It's nice for us to see that we have played a small part in this. 

Thank you all so much for the lovely thank you cards it means a lot! We wish all our children We wish all our children well as they go to "big school" we will be thinking of you all next week and all the mummies too. Make sure you have plenty tissues with you!

We would love to see all the children in their school uniforms so please  Bring the children in for a little visit and then we will be the ones needing tissues!!

Bye Bye and all the best!!!!!!!!