Location: Chingford
17th August 2017

Carnival Celebrations

On Friday 25th August the nursery will be celebrating Carnival. We are encouraging the children to dress up in bold colours; the brighter the better! The staff members are also encouraged to dress up and get involved in the events that will be taking part on the day. We are asking that the children bring in any country flags they may have at home so they can show their friends and bring some culture in to the setting. During the day the children are going to take part in a mini Nursery Carnival Parade around the nursery which gives them a chance to show off their decorated costumes. We will have different types of music playing to let the children hear different sounds from around the world; whilst showing us their favourite dance moves! Veronica and Tanya will be cooking up a range of carnival inspired dishes. Below is the sample off Friday's menu:

Lunch: Chicken with Rice & Peas and Dumpling

Pudding: Banana Fritters

Tea: Sweet Fruit Loaf with Cheese and Vegetable sticks

Pudding: Ginger Cake