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Location: Milton Keynes - Browns Wood
19th October 2017

Celebrating Diwali 2017

Celebrating Diwali 2017 Photo-1
Celebrating Diwali 2017 Photo-2
Celebrating Diwali 2017 Photo-3
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Celebrating Diwali 2017 Photo-5
Celebrating Diwali 2017 Photo-6

On Thursday 19th October the children in the under 2's room took part in some fun creative activities to celebrate Diwali. The children made their own candle holders using salt dough, this gave them the opportunity to use different skills in order to roll the salt dough out and using a circle shaped cutter to form their candle holder. Whilst their salt dough was in the oven the children were given the chance to take part in some tea bag painting. This created an effect on paper to make it look as if it were fireworks, the children had lots of fun using the teabags to splatter onto the paper. Later in the afternoon the children then had the chance to paint their candle holders using bright colours to create different patterns and mixing the colours together to make their candle holders individual.