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Location: Sunderland Doxford
26th June 2018

Celebration party!

What a fabulous day the children and staff had at Nursery on Tuesday 26th June, to celebrate achieving Nursery of the Year 2018!

Mr Windbags who is a comedy magician and professional children's entertainer, attended the Nursery from 2pm until after 3pm. He put on a magic show and he done some mobile magic of balloon modelling / plate spinning. Which the children really enjoyed, the fun and laughter could be heard right around the Nursery!

Then we had the great pleasure of showing Sunderland's Mayor Cllr Lynda Scanlan and her Mayoral Michael Horswill around our Nursery, to meet our dedicated staff and children.

Sue and Maureen prepared a banquet for everyone to enjoy at tea time!