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Location: Huntingdon
4th December 2017

Chameleons Christmas Concert

Jersey, William & Jacob showing off their costumes after finishing their 2017 Christmas Concert

On Monday 4th December 2017 all of our preschoolers took part in our annual Chameleons Christmas Concert. It is always a event that is looked forward to by both staff and parents and this year was no exception.

The children did a fantastic job singing their hearts out and all heading centre stage for their own special roles. We are so proud of all the children for working so hard in preparing and practising for putting the show on for their families. It was a fantastic evening and we got lots of thank you's and well done's from all the parents who had a brilliant time watching the children. 

And after all their hard work the children even got a super special surprise visit from Father Christmas himself who wanted to say 'Well Done & Merry Christmas' to all the children.

From the nursery a big thank you to all who donated their pennies and pounds into Santa Robin's hat we managed to raise a fantastic £100.14 for the Hospital Baby Care Unit, and with Chrissie Annual Reindeer food the total at the moment is at £108.14. A big thank you to all who have supported, please continue to donate to such a worthy cause when our events occur over into 2018. 

Chrissie would like to add a huge Thank you to all her Chameleons staff who worked so hard to help the children prepare for the event as well as another Thank you to all the parents for providing such fantastic costumes.