Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
22nd May 2017

Chelsea Flower Show

Chelsea Flower Show Photo-1
Chelsea Flower Show Photo-2
Chelsea Flower Show Photo-3
Chelsea Flower Show Photo-4
Chelsea Flower Show Photo-5
Chelsea Flower Show Photo-6

Babies 0-2

Baby room started the week by making their very own colourful flowers out of tissue paper and glue.  They individually picked which colour tissue paper to use for their petals, sticking them to the paper after spreading the glue.

The children used a variety of different coloured pencils to colour in sketches of different types of flowers and also printed flowers using different shaped cutters.  The children repeatedly stamped their paper with the bright colourful paint to create a vase full of flowers.

Children were also asked to bring in pictures of the flowers they have at home which they used to compare different colours, shapes and sizes.

Toddlers 2-3

Toddler room planted their own flowers in pots to take home as well as some for their outdoor area.  The children used paper plates which they decorated to make their own flowers.  Some children used their hands while others preferred to use brushes to make the shapes they felt they needed to create their flowers.

The children also created their very own bunch of flowers to take home to their loved ones from tissue paper.

Pre-School 3-5

Pre-school room looked at famous pieces of art which featured flowers and used these as inspiration to create their own pieces of flower art.  The children used a combination of chalk, pencil and paint for this activity.

The children were supplied with an assortment of flowers and plants to compare with their sense of smell.  Mint, sage and lemon thyme were among the favourites.

As well as planting new hanging baskets for their outside area and planting broad beans to observe develop and grow, the children planted their own cress heads with funny faces.  We took the children’s photo while they pulled their funniest face and attached these to the top of their planting.

The also took part in an experiment, they used Gerbera’s dipped in food colouring to see how it made the petals changing colour.  Some of the children mixed the different food colouring together making new colours such as orange and green extending their skills and knowledge of colour mixing.

They finished the week by making paper plate flowers and blossom print pictures.  The children cut out their own petals independently, choosing their own shapes and colours and sticking them on to the plates. They used the bottom of a plastic bottle to print blossom on their trees.

Overall the children enjoyed a very colourful week here at Meredale Day Nursery and we look forward to seeing all their new plants bloom over the next few weeks.