Location: Southwell
5th June 2017

Child Safety Week

Lets stay safe

Child safety week

This week in the setting we have been exploring safely within our play and looking at how to stay safe at home as well as in the nursery environment. The children have been looking at the importance of wearing safety equipment when using large scale equipment such as bikes and scooters, and what would happen if we don't take these precautions!

The children have also taken part in simple risk assessments within their rooms and the garden area, being garden detectives and identifying risk that could cause small accidents such as wet floors in the bathroom or spilt sand on the floor.

If you want to look at child safety and how this can effect you in the home environment please take a look at http://www.childsafetyweek.org.uk/ for more information and activities to make children aware of the risks within the home environment.