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Location: Rainham
19th February 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

Chinese New Year W/c 19/02/18

2018 celebrates the Chinese year of the dog.  The children here at Meredale Day Nursery were able to participate in a range of activities with a variety of materials all around the dog theme.

Lantern making is always a favourite with the children.  Carefully using scissors they cut strips through paper and decorated with gold paper for a shiny effect.

Keeping with the theme the children used colouring pencils to colour masks of dogs any way they wished and wondered round afterwards wearing them pretending to be dogs which was lots of fun.

The children’s next activity was chopstick painting.  Using the chopsticks they dipped them into paint and using a stamping motion onto paper created some very colourful dotted and striped pictures.

Toddler room used maths to learn more about Chinese numbers of 1 to 10.  They looked at the sounds and patterns of the Chinese equivalents then matched them to their English number.

The children always enjoy learning about various cultures and traditions.  They always get so involved and show a real interest which is lovely to see.