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Location: Norwich Thorpe
16th February 2018

Chinese New Year Visit

To celebrate Chinese New Year, this year at Norwich Thorpe we had a very special person come into nursery and talk to Preschool all about the Chinese New Year and what it's all about. 

She began by talking to Preschool about what Chinese people do to celebrate their new year. She explained how Chinese families come together the day before the new year and clear out their home from top to bottom to wish away any bad luck from the previous year and to get ready to welcome all the good luck from the new year ahead. 

Chinese families decorate their houses with beautiful decorations made out of red and gold paper. Preschool couldn't wait to go off and create their very own decorations!

In remembrance on New Years Eve, the Chinese families all come together to make dumplings in memory of the doctor who saved all the lives of starving people. 

In ancient time, there was a big monster called 'Nian'. The children learnt from the story that in Chinese 'Nian' means 'year'. 

The fire cracker represents good fortune and a good future. From this the children learnt the Chinese 'hello' greeting song and joined in with their big singing voices!

On New Years Day, the Chinese children receive a red envelope filled with money which symbolises good luck, a good future and best wishes. This envelope is given to the children by their elders. An example of an envelope was passed around for the children to look at and think about what they think would go inside. 

To end the session, the children dressed up in Chinese outfits and explored writing Chinese symbols.