Location: Dunfermline Lauder
16th December 2016

Christmas Lunch

Christmas Lunch

Marie and Jackie (our in house chef and kitchen assistant) pulled out all the stops today, cooking a fantastic Christmas lunch for all our children and staff team at Busy Bees Halbeath. The tables were carefully set with some truly festive décor. The children added their own handmade crackers and crown each one individual as the child who made it. Some of the Pre School children had us all laughing telling the jokes from their crackers….

Q. What do monkeys sing at Christmas?

A. Jungle Bells, Jungle Bells!

Q. What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

A. Can you smell carrots!?

Do you have a Christmas Joke to share with us? Email it to us at Dunfermline.halbeath@busybees.com or book a visit to see our nursery and share it with us.