Location: Clare Park (East Malling)
8th November 2016

Christmas Treats and Goodwill to all!

Christmas Treats and Goodwill to all! Photo-1
Christmas Treats and Goodwill to all! Photo-2

Busy Bees at Clare Park have been dedicated to helping Maidstone Charity, Restoring Hands, to stock their foodbank and help to make underprivileged, local families, Christmas' better, for around 4 years now. This year we have stepped our collections up a gear, and have set up a crowdfunding page to accept donations that we will then use to purchase the Christmas Treats that Restoring Hands give to all of the families they support. 

Usually Restoring Hands use funds that they have raised throughout the year to purchase such goods, however, this year, we would like them to be able to put these to good use in other areas such as the social groups that they offer to various vulnerable groups of people or their coffee lounge which offers  respite and a warm drink to anyone who happens across it!

If you feel that you would like to make a difference, and give a local family a better Christmas, please make a donation through our crowdfunding page, even a £1 donation can make such a difference to so many!

The link to our page is gofundme.com/christmas-treats-for-foodbank

​We thank you in advance for whatever you are able to give. 

(photographs show last years collections from Clare Park and the Treat boxes sent out by the charity.)