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Location: Harlow
22nd September 2017

Classroom art work

Classroom art work Photo-1
Classroom art work Photo-2

Today the children in our nursery have been taking part in lots of different painting activities. 

Each age group have created their own masterpieces to display in their rooms on the final day of art week!

Babies have enjoyed getting very messy with their body painting! They love exploring the different textures and being able to get stuck in and as messy as they can get!

Our 2-3's rooms have taken part in hand and feet painting, creating lots of different prints and mixing the colours to make new colours! Of course this also turned into a body painting activity as it was too much fun!

Pre-school have been using lots of different objects to create different marks and predicting what the marks will look like. The favourite objects to make marks with were the dinosaurs, which we then created into a dinosaur theme park with lots of green and brown paints to make prints in!