Location: Braintree - Great Notley
30th November 2016

Connie is back!

Connie is back!


We are very excited to announce that Santa has sent Connie the Elf back to nursery to check we are all being good and are ready for Christmas!

The children in pre-school heard Santa's bells as he dropped Connie off but so far we haven't seen her.... wonder what she will get up to!


Connie is back! We found her this morning on the door with a big sign saying "I'm back!" Hope this isn't the start of too much mischief!


This morning we arrived and Connie has her head in a cereal packet! I think she wants to be Snap Crackle or Pop! Hope she didn't eat too much cereal last night. We all want some for our breakfast!


Connie certainly has been busy this weekend. We arrived this morning to find her relaxing in the bath! She looks very chilled! I'm sure she is watching us all and reporting back to Santa!


Connie has been making snow angels in 100s and 1000s! She looks like she has had fun!


This morning we all arrived to find Connie tied up from the ceiling! We all wondered why but then saw that Spiderman had hold of the string! I wonder if Connie was being really silly and Spiderman thought he would help!


Our Christmas tree has been covered in toilet paper! We cant even see the green leaves!  


Connie has been playing with the photocopier and has photocopied her face! That's not what the machine is for Connie!


Connie clearly likes her tea as this morning we arrived and she has been having a tea party with some of the dolls and the lovely china cups. She even decorated with fairy lights!


Connie has been fixing the cars in her own garage overnight! She has been using the Schoolies tools to make sure all our cars are running well. Clever Connie!


We think Connie found one of the white board pens and has drawn all over the staff photos - some of them are quite funny!


Connie has been eating all the Christmas party leftovers! Good job we had ours already! Think she liked the Pomme bear crisps the best!


This morning we found Connie being a doctor to one of the poorly teddies! She made sure Teddy was feeling comfortable in a cot with plenty of blankets too.


OH NO! Connie has been tied up by the super heroes! We hope she gets released soon so she can get back to Father Christmas to tell him how good we have all been!


Connie has been zip lining overnight! What a dare devil!


Connie said there are three days left until Christmas! She has been sitting in our tree with her sign ready to let us know when we arrived!


Connie said that tomorrow is Christmas eve! She will be leaving us tonight to make her way back to the north pole!

We all said a goodbye to Connie until hopefully next year! Merry Christmas everyone!!

If you would like to come and see Connie and her antics or to book a viewing of the nursery please call Melissa on 01376 552700.