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Location: Nottingham - Wollaton
9th February 2018

Cooking Club

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The Pre-school children have been very excited to take part in our brand new Cooking Club today. The children voted for what they would like to make - the options were Honey Loaf and Soda Bread. The winner was Honey Bread! The children were very excited as they put on their aprons and hair nets and washed their hands ready to bake. All of the children took it in turns to touch, smell, and look at the different ingredients before Kathryn, our chef, told the children the instructions for making their own bread. The children used good concentration as they measured, weighed, and mixed their ingredients together to create their bread. Finally, they shaped their loaves ready to go in the oven!

We are very excited to be starting our Cooking Club every Friday with Kathryn. The children will get to choose from two options of what to make every week and we are excited to develop our cooking skills! If you have any questions about the Cooking Club please do not hesitate to get in touch!