Location: Ilford
22nd February 2017

Cow's, Cow's, Cow's!

Cow's, Cow's, Cow's!

The staff in the toddler unit have been busy this week extending the children's interest of animals by creating there own fantastic farm!

Today they have learnt about different breeds of cow. The children sat with Shelly and discovered that there are 8 different breeds, all have different spots and patterns, different types of hair,they found out what cows like to eat, and that milk is made by cows! They children have also read about Patsy the cow and the names of her body parts, including udders, hooves, horns, tail and nose.

The children (and Shelly) were so excited that they have drawn, painted and stuck their own pictures of their favourite cows to be put on display.

Each day the children will be learning about other animals that live one the farm and making more beautiful pictures.

If you've got a little one that would love to join in wonderful activities like this, why not book a stay and play! Call us on 0208 599 0066 Today! We could also give you a tour of our setting while your here!!!