Location: Guiseley
16th June 2017

Daddies Delight!

Daddies Delight! Photo-1
Daddies Delight! Photo-2
Daddies Delight! Photo-3
Daddies Delight! Photo-4

It was lovely today to see the Daddies join us in nursery to share and enjoy breakfast with their little ones and even a few Grandads.

Jimmy in the kitchen, put on a simple yet tasty breakfast menu for the parents to choose from and whilst they were waiting for their food to arrive, this meant they could enjoy some quality time with the children in their nursery environment.

As I wondered round the nursery, the Dad's were engaged in reading stories, colouring and even playing in the water. 

We appreciate how hard our Daddies work so it was lovely to be able to give this short time to enjoy.

We hope all our Daddies and Grandads have a lovely weekend with their special ones and we wish all a Happy Father's Day!