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Location: Glenrothes
21st June 2018

Day 4 - World Cup @ Glenrothes

Today Pre School looked at different countries they have visited around the world after speaking about all the countries that are taking part in the World Cup. We looked about how to get to all the different destinations and what type of transport has been used. 

  • 'I have been to England lots of time, that is where I was born'
  • 'I went to Flamingo Land'
  • 'I have been to France'
  • 'I went to Cornwall. it was a long time in the car'
  • 'I went on holiday to a lodge in Scotland'
  • 'I am going to Tenerife'
  • 'I am just home from Australia a wee while ago' 

We spoke about different foods and different celebrations we may see around the world in different countries and we made a wish list using the map on places we wish to go to. One child said, 'I want to go to Sweden!'

Please feel free to join us tomorrow for our last day of The World Cup Enrolment Week!