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Location: Glenrothes
22nd June 2018

Day 5 of Enrollment Week

Final day for Enrollment week.

Pre School looked at different landmarks in the counties of the different teams. We spoke about what the different buildings, towers, monuments and statues were for and what they represented.

We then used our junk modelling area to create our own wonderful landmarks to place around our Pre School Room and made unique names for them. We then took this opportunity to invite the children round for circle time to show off their amazing creations and to tell others all about them and what they mean.

Some children chose to take theirs home as one child said, 'There is too many status at nursery now, they need to be away from each other!'

The Pre School children have shown a fabulous interest in the World Cup and will continue to do so as the weeks go by.. 'There will soon be a winner, my dad said Spain!'