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Location: Wandsworth
19th February 2018

Daynurseries Reviews

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Overall, I'm really satisfied to have my daughter in this nursery. 
When I was looking for a nursery I was soon impressed by the size of the rooms of this nursery, which is uncommon. I visited at least 10 nurseries and in terms of space, this nursery doesn't have rivals. Rooms are also clean and all furniture and toys are in good order and almost new. 
My daughter has settled very well. She loves the food and so far she never had any issues. 
I like the fact that babies play lots of different sensory games and they do lots of activities even with older kids. I believe this is a good approach as babies can learn a lot from older kids. 
Every day, I get a full update of all the activities she's done. This is a good way for me to know what she enjoyed or not, so I can replicate at home. 
I also like that the school is bilingual, English and Spanish mainly, so that my baby can learn another international language.

The food is really good and the manager does a great job!

The garden area is a real asset to the nursery, it's very spacious compared to other nurseries in the area and there is room to run around as well as lots of items to play with, also it's not next to a road which is another rarity in central London.

The nursery is always immaculately clean, to the point I wonder how they manage it and the food prepared by Chef (who all the kids love) is delicious! The take-home food service is an absolute gem of an idea and a life saver for working parents.

I'm definitely a mum who loves to 'worry' but when it comes to this nursery I can't fault them; they do a great job and he loves it there.