Location: Chingford
9th June 2017

Dear Zoo with Rabbits

Dear Zoo with Rabbits Photo-1
Dear Zoo with Rabbits Photo-2
Dear Zoo with Rabbits Photo-3
Dear Zoo with Rabbits Photo-4
Dear Zoo with Rabbits Photo-5

Dear Zoo


The children in Rabbits explored the story 'Dear Zoo'.

Zahlie reads the story to the children encouraging them to repeat the sound of the different animals. Alongside the story Zahlie uses physical representations of the animals for the children to explore. 

Rabbits children are aged 1-2 years, the use of physical props and different expressions and sounds in Zahlie's voice help the children identify the different animals.

To extend the story and encourage the children to explore mark making the animals are placed on the table for the children to paint. Rabbits children use the animals to make marks on their paper and explore the different colours of paint.