Location: Leicester - Meridian
12th June 2017

Den making at Busy Bees Leicester Meridian

Monday 12th - Friday 19th June 2017

Leicester Meridian's Foundation Class are participating in a fun filled week of den making. The children have been asked to bring in anything imagionative from home which they can use outside to make dens. Each day the children are using their skills to plan ideas together, to work together and create their own den areas - who's den area will stay up the longest?

We are doing this in aid of the charity - Save the children - so our children understand about the world they live in, not everyone lives in a warm house and has the comforts that they have at home.

On Friday - the Dad's of our children in foundation class have been invited in as part of the celebrations for Father's day this Sunday - so they can help their child and our children be creative and have fun outside together.

Look out for photo's to follow from the fun and games we have and the dens we create.