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Location: Ilford
1st June 2018

Developing Independance

Developing Independance

At Busy Bees Ilford we are always trying to find new ways of helping the children to develop, one of our best ideas is giving ther children small tasks to carry out each day.

Having small responsibilities encourages  childrens self-esteem, develop confidence,  and listening and understanding.

Children love to help adults and get very proud when they have done a good job and helped, it could be as simple as giving cutlery and cups at meal times or helping to choose activities to explore.

The children also like to help eachother, if they see a friend struggling putting their shoes on or needing help with their coats, they will offer a hand. This helps the children to undertand the needs of others and develop self-care.

Simple tasks and activities like these help the cjildren for years to come and set them up for life.

If this is something you'd like to learn more about, why not give on 0208 599 0066 and we can book you in for a tour by one of our expericenced staff.