Location: Kettering - Venture Park
21st October 2016

Developing fine motor skills using pumpkins !

The activity created a lot of excitement and concentration with the children all working together to develop and practise their fine motor skills.  The children risk assessed the activity with the staff and where able to talk about turn taking and being careful not to hammer anyones fingers.   The children talked about all the different varieties of pumpkins looking at shape ,colour and size and where they come from and how they grow.   The teaching and learning from this activity will carry on with the staff focusing on more fine motor skills work and also looking at other ways we can use pumpkins including cooking activities.

One of the children said they were going home after nursery to have pumpkin soup ! Another children was fascinated by the different hammers and learnt how to pull the golf tee's out using the claw end of the hammer all by himself.