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5th September 2016

Discover learning journals during Enrolment Week

Discover learning journals during Enrolment Week

Book a visit to learn more about our learning journals during Enrolment Week, 12th-16th September at your local nursery.

What is a learning journal?

Learning journals are given to each child when they first start at one of our nurseries, which becomes a story of their developments, achievements and progression.

A child's learning journal is primarily used by their key person and nursery team, through working in partnership with parents to collate photographic and written observations and progress reports that show their achievements and abilities.

Learning journals are always accessible to parents so that observations from home and changes in children’s interests that have been supplied by the parents contribute to the children’s planning and learning.

As learning journals are personal to each individual child it is also made accessible to the child, so that the child’s voice, thoughts and feelings are reflected throughout. Family members are encouraged to contribute to learning journals through photographs and memories from significant points throughout the child’s family time.

Traditionally learning journals have been a simple book or folder but now many of our nurseries have introduced online learning journals that allow for you to be even closer to your child whilst they are at nursery.

Online learning journals

ParentZone is a safe and secure online learning journal that allows parents to view their child’s learning journal via a smartphone app. Parents are provided with a unique user name and password to access their child’s online learning journal, and it is there to view and access whenever – at home, at work or on the weekend, making sure that you never miss those 'wow moments'!

Parents can be involved in their child’s assessments and observations by adding comments to the online journal and other information, helping to further enhance seamless communication between home and a child’s nursery to help benefit their development. 

In addition, an online learning journal gives parents the opportunity to add comments and updates, so that the child’s development is consistently monitored and the nursery is aware of all progress made. 

Join us for Enrolment Week, 12th-16th September to discover more about how we use learning journals so that you never miss your child’s #WowMoments.

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