Location: Chelmsford
14th July 2016

Discovering Scented Playdough

Discovering Scented Playdough Photo-1
Discovering Scented Playdough Photo-2
Discovering Scented Playdough Photo-3
Discovering Scented Playdough Photo-4

This weeks First Steps have had lots of fun getting messy, as well as exploring new textures, colours and smells through playing with orange-scented play dough! We have enjoyed experimenting with mark-making, moulding the play dough into shapes, rolling it out with a rolling pin and then cutting out shapes using cutters. The children were so excited to touch, feel and smell the play dough and had lots of fun making animals and people using it. The children begun communicating through their play and telling us what they had made, such as; "dog", "mummy", "hat" etc. We also encouraged the children to say the names of shapes when cutting them out with the cutters such as "circle", "triangle", "square", to allow them to begin to develop an understanding of shapes and their names.