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Location: Chelmsford
24th October 2017

Diwali Celebrations @ Chelmsford

Diwali Celebrations @ Chelmsford Photo-1
Diwali Celebrations @ Chelmsford Photo-2
Diwali Celebrations @ Chelmsford Photo-3
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Thursday 19th October saw the annual celebration of Diwali, the Festival of Lights. Diwali is usually marked by huge firework displays, which are supposed to reflect the celebrations of Lord Rama’s return.

Traditionally, candles are lit, and houses are decorated with colourful Rangoli artworks – patterns created on the floor using coloured rice or powder. During the festival, families and friends usually share sweets and gifts, and there is also a strong belief in giving to those in need. It is also traditional for homes to be cleaned and new clothes to be worn!

We spent the day looking at the story behind the festival and participated in a variety of activities to mark the occasion! Our Pre-School children listened to the story of Rama and Sita, and made their own tea-lights, developing their fine-motor skills by cutting out lantern shapes and decorating them with beautiful gems.

They also decorated Rangoli patterns, and then used shapes to create their own! Our Toddlers made candle pictures, using a range of coloured shapes and creating their own interpretations to take home.