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Location: Edinburgh Park
19th October 2017


Today is Diwali which is a festival of light and to celebrate the children in the Toddler room made Salt Dough Dijas (Diwali candle holders). They used three different colours that have special meanings such as Blue - for Peace and Tranquillity, Yellow - for Wisdom and Purple - for Spirituality. The dough was made the night before so the children were able to get right into rolling out the dough and flattening it down. They used a tea light to make a dip in the dough for it to stand in once the holder had been completed. Once the shape was made and they had put sequins on it to decorate the holder it was into the oven for them to go. The children were explained the safety rules such as that only the adults touch the oven and that the sequins don't go into their mouths. "We don't touch candles ,they're hot " says Spencer. Hannah says that "Diwali is a candle - candle is going to get a fire on it" Melina says - "Happy Diwali Viraj." in fact all the children were saying Happy Diwali to each other and to Viraj as the activity went on. They also talked about what Diwali meant and who celebrated it such as Sikhs and Hindu's.  After about four hours  of baking in the oven the tea light holders were ready. The children were all very excited about them and couldn't wait to show them to their parents when they arrived to pick them up. There were some very proud faces as they went home that night. Well done toddlers. 

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