Location: Leeds - Colton Mill
13th April 2017

Easter Chicks

Easter Chicks Photo-1
Easter Chicks Photo-2
Easter Chicks Photo-3
Easter Chicks Photo-4

What a lovely two weeks we have had, eagerly waiting for our 12 eggs to hatch, and it wasn't a long wait, as by Wednesday we had 11 happy, healthy baby chicks. The chicks have grown and we are now ready to bid a fond farewell, as they are now ready to head off to the farm, so they can continue to grow in a nice big environment. 

Throughout the fortnight the children have been paying daily visits to the chicks, to say hello and watch as they grow. We have also been taking part in lots of fun activities, including creating our own collages of fluffy chicks, and cutting our cutting skills to reveal chicks hidden behind paper eggs.

We will continue to talk about the chicks for weeks to come, and as they head off on in to their next venture, we will receive regular updates on their progress and how they are growing.