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Location: Edinburgh Park
26th March 2018

Easter Fun Week

Easter is fast approaching and the children are busy with making all sorts of Easter crafts and doing Easter themed activities. In babies they got to play with some yellow plastic chicks in their water play. they thought this was great so there was lots of splashing going on with laughter and smiles from them all. They also have fun exploring yellow coloured gloop which for some was the first time they had felt the texture of it. One little girl tentatively placed a finger in the sticky stuff then as she felt a little more confident began banging it with her hands. For others it was a well known texture and they just got stuck straight in getting their hands all messy. Oooh what fun it was. Lastly the babies had the opportunity to make some Easter cards using household items to make marks with. They sat patiently at the table while the items were being presented to them and carefully made marks on the card. When all was dry they gave them to their parents who thought they were lovely.  Well done babies. 

Dragonflies also made cards but they used a variety of collage materials to make theirs getting lovely sticky fingers in the process. The children are very interested in animals at the moment so for Easter they took a closer look at chickens and created some using yellow paper. They looked wonderful and all were different. Good on you dragonflies. 

Toddlers and Preschool had a range of different stories about Easter which told the child  a variety of aspects about Easter . They also made Easter cards to take home and also for some fun did a Easter Egg hunt. Staff hid some eggs around the garden then asked the children to go and look for them. There was great excitement as the children searched every where. When an egg was found it was then put into a bag or bucket to see if they had managed to find them all. In both rooms there was also a lot of talk about Easter and the Easter bunny with children giving their ideas across which shows their understanding and knowledge of the event. 

It has been a great week of Easter fun and to finish it off we have a nice long weekend to recuperate. So Happy Easter everyone hope Easter Bunny was good to you all.