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Location: Rainham
26th March 2018

Easter Week W/c 26th March 2018

Easter Week W/c 26th March 2018 Photo-1
Easter Week W/c 26th March 2018 Photo-2
Easter Week W/c 26th March 2018 Photo-3
Easter Week W/c 26th March 2018 Photo-4
Easter Week W/c 26th March 2018 Photo-5
Easter Week W/c 26th March 2018 Photo-6

Cardboard Easter eggs were decorated with coloured crepe paper pieces in a variety of different colours.  The children were very patient in taking turns to pick their pieces and stick them down with the glue sticks.

Shredded paper was placed into a tough tray and mini eggs were hidden amongst it.  The children then used tweezers to pick through the paper to find the hidden eggs.  This was great use of the children’s fine motor skills.

To finish the week the children made paper Mache Easter eggs, by using balloons and a mixture of newspaper and glue.  Once completely covered they hung them in the garden to dry and then were able to decorate them using paint and glitter.


During the week the children were able to go on an egg hunt throughout the nursery building.  Staff made clues for the children to follow this year to really engage their minds.  Each child was rewarded with their very own chocolate egg to take home at the end of the day.


Meredale also held our annual Easter Bonnet Parade where children were tasked with making a special Easter bonnet at home and bring along to the nursery to enter the contest.  A winner from each room was selected.  Well done to all who took part!

Holiday Club were in full swing this Easter with an amazing 2 weeks planned activities for the children to enjoy.  Take a look at some of the pictures above!

Our Holiday club is open to school age children between 8am and 6pm every Half Term, Please contact the nursery office if you wish to enquire.