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Location: Edinburgh Park
6th April 2018

Elephants Tea Party

Today we held a cake sale of goodies that the children in preschool and toddlers had been busy making throughout the week for it. Heidi our apprentice was very enthusiastic about selling the items so she spoke with parents as they were leaving and encouraged sales. The sale went well and we made around £30  for our chosen charity Child Bereavement UK. Not bad for a few cakes and biscuits. Heidi loves to cook and offered to make some more cakes and biscuits over the weekend for Monday which she did. She made some lovely cake balls, cupcakes and chocolate covered marshmallows from which we made a further £25 which added to Fridays makes £55 total. It was discussed during these two sales that it might be a nice idea to do this at the end of each month with all proceeds going to this charity. Even one of the parents thought this would be great as who doesn't love a bit of cake to take home on a Friday night for treat. So watch this space for more fundraising news.