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Location: Glenrothes
8th December 2017

Elvis The Elf @ Glenrothes

Elvis The Elf @ Glenrothes  Photo-1
Elvis The Elf @ Glenrothes  Photo-3

On the 4th of December Elvis helped Jenny and the children decorate our Christmas Tree, he hang from the top branches and seemed happy when the lights got switched on. 

On the 5th of December Elvis got himself in such a mess with the flour, the children touched the flour on the floor and one child said, 'It feels soft but its all over the floor'. Elvis had made a snow angel at the main entrance for all to see!

On the 6th of December Elvis got a hold of a chocolate biscuits from the office and sat at the entrance munching his Wagon Wheel. One child said, 'Can I eat a bit of his chocolate?' We placed a tissue underneath the elf to keep the chocolate from getting too messy!

On the 7th of December poor Elvis was covered from top to toe in plaster! Elvis had hurt himself through the night. The children were able to place more plasters on the elf. 'That will make him all better one child said.'

On the 8th of December Elvis showed how artistic he is with pens and glitter! He made a beautiful picture for all the children to see as they came into nursery. Elf got a little bit glitter on his feet!!