Location: Ipswich - Pinewood
4th July 2016

Enhancement Launch Week

Enhancement Launch Week Photo-1
Enhancement Launch Week Photo-3
Enhancement Launch Week Photo-4
Enhancement Launch Week Photo-5
Enhancement Launch Week Photo-6

This week throughout the nursery we have been promoting our new enhancements.  Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics and Babble to Chatter.

Roo's room were given different textures to explore.  We used all different types of materials and explored their textures.  We carried out a musical activity, each child was given an instrument to play and the staff encouraged the children to create some sounds.  All the Roo's children had lots of fun together creating some exciting new sounds.  To end off the week we became very creative with paint.  The children explored colours, textures and animals whilst getting very messy.

Rabbit's children have been taking part in lots of activities this week.  They carried out a tubes and tunnels activity.  All the children were learning about size and shapes.  In the garden the children were helping to blow bubbles with their friends.  Each child would take turns to attempt to blow the bubbles and then their friends would catch and pop the bubbles.  They even put bubble mixture in their water tray. Rabbit's children would swish the water around to create their own water bubbles.

Pre-school children have loved joining in with all the new and exciting activities this week, our theme was, "who am I?"  The children have been describing and learning the names of unfamiliar animals, guessing different occupations from uniforms and drawing portraits of one another.  These activities have been planned to encourage each child's speech and language development.

During the Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics activities the children have been looking at shape, space and measure, recognising shapes, shape matching and making new arrangements with them.  All these activities have helped the children name shapes, counting, and exploring how shapes can change.

Please take a look at all of our photos of what we have been up to.