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Location: Nottingham - Wollaton
18th September 2017

Enrolement Week- Creative Monday

Enrolement Week- Creative Monday Photo-4
Enrolement Week- Creative Monday Photo-5

Toddlers and Preschool have been very busy today exploring different colours and looking at what colours they can make when different coloured paints are added together. 

Today in toddlers the children have been playing in the corn flour, adding different coloured paints. The children were very excited to see what colour the corn flour changed to when the paint was added, they used lots of different tools to mix the paint and the corn flour together then experimented with making different marks. 

In Preschool the children made lots of different coloured play dough mixing different coloured paints with flour and water to create their own play dough. They then began to use the different colours to create patterns and faces.