Location: Preston - Lytham
16th January 2017

Enrollment week so far ...

This week we have embarked on enrolment week, we have chosen different children's books each morning and afternoon, reading and acting out the stories as we go. The children have loved making the stories interactive and have all been very excited each day to find out what story they are going to do. 

On Monday, Class 3 went on a bear hunt in the garden, we waded through squelchy mud, we waded through a river (big puddle), we shivered through a blustery snow storm, we walked through long wavy grass and then we found a cave, needless to say we found a Bear and had to run all the way back to our beds! 

To prepare for our Bear Hunt we all sat down and drew our maps to guide us along the way and help us if we got lost. All the children thoroughly enjoyed this activity and joined in enthusiastically. 

We also turned our story area into a scene from Goldilocks and let the children act out the story as it was read to the group. We set up activities in the room such as brown play dough to create our own 3 Bears and a table laid out with 3 bowls of porridge then the children could further their role play skills. 

Our babies have read 'A teddy bears picnic' they have had a picnic laid out to support understanding of the story and for them to explore. 

We have also read 'A noisy day' our babies enjoyed this story. We had a range of rattles and instruments out for the babies to openly explore and develop an understanding for the different sounds they make. Our babies enjoyed to make LOTS of beautiful sounds all day! 

Today Class three have been super excited as they are reading 'The stick-man' they have been on a trail around the garden finding as many different sticks as they can, making their own stick-men.

We have lots and lots of fun stories to come this week, each day at 10am and 2pm we will be introducing a new story with fun and exciting activities. Anyone at all can come along, you can book or just turn up! We look forward to seeing some new faces to enjoy our stories with!