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Location: Glenrothes
18th June 2018

Enrolment Day 1 @ Busy Bees

Enrolment Day 1 @ Busy Bees Photo-1
Enrolment Day 1 @ Busy Bees Photo-2
Enrolment Day 1 @ Busy Bees Photo-3
Enrolment Day 1 @ Busy Bees Photo-4

We welcomed along some keen visitors today to join in with our World Cup Enrolment Week - Day 1. Today in Babies and Tweenies we read cutural stories from around the world looking at the different animals and landmarks. Toddlers carried out a throwing and passing activity with balls to see who could throw, catch and kick the ball to the cones. Today Pre School began with dribbling around small cones, focusing on balancing and keeping the ball close to us followed by shooting goals, each child had a turn of being the 'goalie' while others shooted into the net then finally finished off with a game of football. We discussed as a group how we felt afterwards, what the aim of the game was and how it would feel to be a real professional football. One child stated, 'Ronaldo is fit and thin', another stating, 'I'm so puffed out' and another, 'I can kick the ball so high it might go over the fence'. 

Please come along throughout the week to join in with more Enrolment week activities for the World Cup 2018!!