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Location: Ipswich - Rushmere
22nd June 2018

Enrolment Week - Day Five

Enrolment Week - Day Five Photo-1
Enrolment Week - Day Five Photo-2
Enrolment Week - Day Five Photo-3
Enrolment Week - Day Five Photo-4
Enrolment Week - Day Five Photo-5
Enrolment Week - Day Five Photo-6

What a Fun Final Friday of our Amazing Enrolment Week. Flowery French Friday was enjoyed by everyone throughout the nursery.

Today we have been learning all about French Artist Claude Monet and some of his most famous paintings. 

The youngest children in our Baby Room recreated the Water Lillies scene in the garden and enjoyed watching the flowers float in the 'pond'. Oakley enjoyed smelling the flowers and getting me to smell them too!

In Pre-School the children painted sunflower pictures and used magnifying glasses to look really closely at the patterns and colours of the petals and leaves.

Our Toddlers became Mini Monet's for the day and used flowers instead of paint brushes to create their very own masterpieces.

The children enjoyed a continental breakfast of bread and French cheeses made for us by Head Chef Thomas. Thomas also enjoyed sharing some very his very funny cheese jokes with us. His favourite joke with the children was:

What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?........ Halloumi!