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Location: Ipswich - Rushmere
21st June 2018

Enrolment Week - Day Four

Enrolment Week - Day Four Photo-1
Enrolment Week - Day Four Photo-2
Enrolment Week - Day Four Photo-3
Enrolment Week - Day Four Photo-4

It was another beautifully hot sunny day here at Ipswish Rushmere so Head Chef Thomas was delighted to help our Pre-School children make Fruits From Around the World Smoothies to quench their thirst.

The children talked about different countries and where different fruits come from. They also enjoyed listening to the story Handa's Surprise', what a shock for poor Handa!

The youngest children in our Baby Room had lots of fun using apples to print with. They enjoyed learning and saying new colours as the paints mixed together on the page.