Location: Ingleby Barwick
19th June 2017

Enrolment Week - Day One

Enrolment Week - Day One  Photo-1
Enrolment Week - Day One  Photo-2
Enrolment Week - Day One  Photo-3
Enrolment Week - Day One  Photo-4
Enrolment Week - Day One  Photo-5

Today has been day one of Enrolment Week here at Nursery!

 We have focussed the week around food and healthy options.

Enrolment Week is a fabulous opportunity for parents to come and have a look at the Nursery, join in the fun and meet our friendly staff team.

Today has all been about 'Make it Monday'.

Throughout the Nursery the rooms have been doing different activities such as icing cakes / biscuits, painting our favourite food onto plates and making different foods from play dough!

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Thank you to those of you that came and visited today! It was lovely to meet you!