Location: Ingleby Barwick
14th September 2016

Enrolment Week - Day Two

Enrolment Week - Day Two Photo-1
Enrolment Week - Day Two Photo-2
Enrolment Week - Day Two Photo-3
Enrolment Week - Day Two Photo-4

Day two of Enrolment Week was lots of fun!

Today we focussed on activities based around numbers and colours.

We had sorting and matching games with different coloured counters, printing activities with number shapes, mark making with lots of different colours, especially practising writing numbers!

One of the favourites of the day with the children was hopscotch! Everyone found it very funny trying to jump to the different numbers on the squares!

We really enjoyed meeting the new people that came to visit us yesterday and even had a new booking at nursery!

We are looking forward to day three!