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Location: Huntingdon
26th January 2018

Enrolment Week - Fresh Air & Fitness

Charlie Ticking Off The Animals On His Tick Sheet

Well what a way to end our enrolment week! 

Our day began with lots of walking where each room within the nursery took turns to go on Chrissie's 'Winter Walk'.  All the children showed great enthusiasm on their brisk walk around the nursery perimeter spotting all the various lost animals (stuffed toys), which some of the children recognised from our Annual Sunday Morning Nursery Ramble. The children all enjoyed carrying their own search sheets which showed pictures of all the animals they needed to be looking for and ticked off who they found as they continued on their journey.

Everyone in the nursery had a fantastic time telling Chrissie when they returned who they found and where they were all hiding. The children were all smiling from ear to ear and also thought it was very funny that Chrissie now needed to give all the animals a ride and a wash in the nursery washing machine before they could come out to play again. 

To continue the fun in the afternoon the younger children got to enjoy some fun with Stephen doing Monkeynastix which is a physical activity the nursery has had as part of our normal Monday activities for a long time now which the children thoroughly enjoy.

The older children were joined by Mrs Jago from Hinchingbrooke Academy who set up some activities and physical learning games to encourage the children to get fit through trying lots of different games. All the children had a great time and tried very hard at all the activities Mrs Jago gave them.

We now cant wait for the next enrolment week so keep your eyes peeled for the next theme to be revealed