Location: Nottingham - Wollaton
20th June 2017

Enrolment Week - Tasty Tuesday

Enrolment Week - Tasty Tuesday Photo-1
Enrolment Week - Tasty Tuesday Photo-2
Enrolment Week - Tasty Tuesday Photo-3
Enrolment Week - Tasty Tuesday Photo-4

Enrolment Week -Tasty Tuesday

The babies and toddlers have been trying out a variety of fruits today including raspberries, blackberries, grapefruit, blueberries and passion fruit. They seemed to enjoy the raspberries best, asking for more.

Pre-school have been busy voting for their favourite fruit to use on Thursday for their fruity treat. The children have been voting for their favourit­e fruits today. They have been looking at pictures of different fruit and deciding which was their favourit­e. The children made marks on the piece of paper that had the picture of their favourit­e fruits. At the end of the activity we counted up all the marks and found out that mango was the children's favourit­e fruit! We will be tasting some of our favourit­e fruits later in the week too.